Aktiefkool filtering

Air filtration on Activated Carbon is a technique that has proven itself in the field of
deodorisation. Simple and effective, this method allows the removal and adsorption of
multiple pollutants.

Activated Carbon by the adsorption process is able, due to its microporous structure, to trap harmful VOC-type molecules (Volatile Organic Compounds) or corrosive and odorous molecules present in wastewater treatment plants (NH3, H2S, etc.).
In order to increase the adsorption efficiency of pollutants, Activated Carbon may be impregnated with KOH or H2SO4 depending on the type of gas to be treated.

Treatment with Activated Carbon is used in particular in processes within the chemical, petrochemical, food and pharmaceutical industries, and also in water treatment facilities (pumping stations, buffer/storm basins, sludge storage and processing).